Dinner Key Marina, Miami, Florida USA

boats moored in harbor
On Christmas morning, all the boats are moored in the Dinner Key Marina.
birds on raft; boats
Birds congregate on a raft.
waterfront residence
It must be a nice to awake to the harbor view from this waterfront residence.
Little Blue Heron
A Little Blue Heron checks out an idle fishing boat.

birds on railing
These Green Herons are much smaller than the "Little" Blue Heron.
bird on railing bird on railing

Great Egret preening itself Great Egret
A Great Egret preens itself.

small bird
A Ruddy Turnstone stops to inspect a spec.

boulders bordering boat-launch ramp
The boat ramp is bordered by limestone boulders.
smooth bumpy limestone
The rounded knobs of this one looks like the inside of a geode, the limestone being dissolved and deposited by water (rather than accretion of fossil shells).
Radiating fan of grooves in rock
This rock beautifully preserves the impression of of a scallop shell.
spiral fossils
This rock if full of fossils! The spiral tubes look like the shells of planorbis snails.

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