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The SLIB Portable Scheme Library

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3c1 2024-02-05 Free

SLIB is a portable library for the programming language Scheme. It provides a platform independent framework for using packages of Scheme procedures and syntax. As distributed, SLIB contains useful packages for all R4RS and R5RS Scheme implementations. Its catalog can be transparently extended to accomodate packages, both source and compiled, specific to a site, implementation, user, or directory.
SLIB supports Bigloo, Chez, ELK 3.0, Gambit 4.0, Gauche, Guile, JScheme, Kawa, Larceny, MacScheme, MIT/GNU Scheme, Pocket Scheme, RScheme, scheme->C, Scheme48, SCM, SCM Mac, scsh, sisc, Stk, T3.1, umb-scheme, and VSCM.
Documentation includes a manifest, installation instructions, and coding standards for the library. Each library package is documented.

SLIB, Guile, Kawa, MIT/GNU Scheme, and SCM are GNU packages.


slib-3c1 releases Radey Shouman's vicinity extension; it accepts vicinity symbols 'library, 'implementation, 'home, and 'user, which expand to the value of the corresponding "*-vicinity" procedure. Details at*checkout*/slib/slib/ChangeLog

Quick Start

x86 MS-Windows
Obtain slib-3c1-1.exe (1.1.MB) and run.
GNU/Linux with RPM
Obtain slib-3c1-1.noarch.rpm (758.kB) and install.
Obtain (1.1.MB), and install.


SLIB Development

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