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5.3 Irrational Integer Functions

(require 'math-integer)

Function: integer-expt n1 n2

Returns n1 raised to the power n2 if that result is an exact integer; otherwise signals an error.

(integer-expt 0 n2)

returns 1 for n2 equal to 0; returns 0 for positive integer n2; signals an error otherwise.

Function: integer-log base k

Returns the largest exact integer whose power of base is less than or equal to k. If base or k is not a positive exact integer, then integer-log signals an error.

Function: integer-sqrt k

For non-negative integer k returns the largest integer whose square is less than or equal to k; otherwise signals an error.

Function: quotient n1 n2
Function: remainder n1 n2
Function: modulo n1 n2

are redefined so that they accept only exact-integer arguments.

Function: round-quotient n1 n2

Returns the quotient of n1 and n2 rounded toward even.

(quotient 3 2)        ⇒ 1
(round-quotient 3 2)  ⇒ 2

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