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8.3 Porting

If there is no initialization file for your Scheme implementation, you will have to create one. Your Scheme implementation must be largely compliant with

IEEE Std 1178-1990,
Revised^4 Report on the Algorithmic Language Scheme, or
Revised^5 Report on the Algorithmic Language Scheme

in order to support SLIB. 8*checkout*/scm/scm/r4rstest.scm is a file which checks compliance with much of R4RS.

Template.scm is an example configuration file. The comments inside will direct you on how to customize it to reflect your system. Give your new initialization file the implementation’s name with .init appended. For instance, if you were porting foo-scheme then the initialization file might be called foo.init.

Your customized version should then be loaded as part of your scheme implementation’s initialization. It will load require.scm from the library; this will allow the use of provide, provided?, and require along with the vicinity functions (these functions are documented in the sections Feature and Require). The rest of the library will then be accessible in a system independent fashion.

Please mail new working configuration files to so that they can be included in the SLIB distribution.



If you are porting a Revised^3 Report on the Algorithmic Language Scheme implementation, then you will need to finish writing sc4sc3.scm and load it from your initialization file.