Verifiable Computation Workshop - August 11-12, 2010

Program: With Abstracts/Slides

Wednesday 8/11/10

9:30-10:20 Guy Rothblum: Delegating computation: interactive proofs for muggles. Abstract

10:30-11:20 Yael Kalai : Probabilistically Checkable Arguments. Abstract


11:45-12:45 : Salil Vadhan: Are PCPs Inherent in Efficient Arguments? Abstract


2:30-3:30 Kai-Min Chung: Improved Delegation of Computation using Fully Homomorphic Encryption. Abstract


3:45- 4:30 Rachel Miller: From Secrecy to Soundness: Efficient Verification via Secure Computation (work by Applebaum, Kushilevitz, Ishai). Abstract Slides

Thursday 8/12/10

9:30-10:20 Andrew McGregor: Annotations in Data Streams: With a little help from your friends... Abstract

10:30-11:20 Justin Thaler: Streaming Graph Computations with a Helpful Advisor. Abstract Slides


11:45 12:30 Rosario Gennaro: Text Search Protocols with Simulation Based Security


2:00- 2:50: Yael Kalai: Leaky Pseudo-Entropy Functions Abstract

3:20-4:10: Yevgeniy Vahlis: Cryptography in the Presence of Continous Side-Channel Attacks. Abstract Slides

4:10-5:00: Guy Rothblum: How to Play Mental Solitaire under Continuous Side-Channels: A Completeness Theorem using Secure Hardware. Abstract

This workshop was orgnanized by Shafi Goldwasser and Ran Canetti, and funded by the National Science Foundation.

Joanne Talbot Hanley
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