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I am a Ph.D. student in Phillip Isola's lab and the creator of Neural MMO.


→ We are running a competition on large-scale multiagent learning, on the Neural MMO platform, now through December 2021. Check it out here!


Neural MMO
The Neural MMO Platform for Massively Multiagent Research
Joseph Suarez, Yilun Du, Clare Zhu, Igor Mordatch, Phillip Isola
NeurIPS 2021, Track on Datasets and Benchmarks.
Neural MMO v1.3: A Massively Multiagent Game Environment for Training and Evaluating Neural Networks
Joseph Suarez, Yilun Du, Igor Mordatch, Phillip Isola
AAMAS Extended Abstract 2020.
[Extended abstract][arXiv paper][Code]
Neural MMO: A Massively Multiagent Game Environment for Training and Evaluating Intelligent Agents
Joseph Suarez, Yilun Du, Phillip Isola, Igor Mordatch
arXiv 2019.
Other Work
GAN You Do the GAN GAN?
Joseph Suarez
arXiv 2019.
DDRprog: A CLEVR Differentiable Dynamic Reasoning Programmer
Joseph Suarez, Justin Johnson, Fei-Fei Li
arXiv 2018.
Character-Level Language Modeling with Recurrent Highway Hypernetworks
Joseph Suarez
NIPS (now NeurIPS) 2017.
Efficient Approaches to Batch Parallelization for Dynamic Neural Architectures
Joseph Suarez, Clare Zhu
arXiv 2017.