Justin Y. Chen

Welcome! I am a second year graduate student studying theoretical computer science in the EECS department at MIT and am very fortunate to be advised by Piotr Indyk.

I am interested in problems at the intersection of algorithms, data analysis, and machine learning.

Before coming to MIT, I was an undergrad at Stanford University and had the great pleasure of working with Greg Valiant and Peter Bailis. It all started in Hanover, New Hampshire with Chris Polashenski at the Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory.

Feel free to reach out to me at {first 4 letters of first name}{first letter of last name}@mit.edu.


Worst-Case Analysis for Randomly Collected Data
Justin Chen, Gregory Valiant, Paul Valiant
NeurIPS 2020 (Oral)

CrossTrainer: Practical Domain Adaptation with Loss Reweighting
Justin Chen, Edward Gan, Kexin Rong, Sahaana Suri, Peter Bailis

Impact of MODIS sensor calibration updates on Greenland Ice Sheet surface reflectance and albedo trends
Kimberly A. Casey, Chris M. Polashenski, Justin Chen, and Marco Tedesco
The Cryosphere 2017

Neither dust nor black carbon causing apparent albedo decline in Greenland’s dry snow zone: Implications for MODIS C5 surface reflectance
Chris M. Polashenski, Jack E. Dibb, Mark G. Flanner, Justin Y. Chen, Zoe R. Courville, Alexandra M. Lai, James J. Schauer, Martin M. Shafer, Mike Bergin
Geophysical Research Letters 2015

Observations of pronounced Greenland ice sheet firn warming and implications for runoff production
Chris Polashenski, Zoe Courville, Carl Benson, Anna Wagner, Justin Chen, Gifford Wong, Robert Hawley, Dorothy Hall
Geophysical Research Letters 2014