Lei Yang

Ph.D. student in Computer Science



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About me

I’m a PhD student in Computer Science at the Networks and Mobile Systems Group (NMS) of MIT’s Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL). My research is focused on Computer Networks and Networked Systems. I’m advised by Prof. Hari Balakrishnan and Prof. Mohammad Alizadeh. Prior to that, I received my B.S. in Computer Science at Peking University.

I love designing and building systems that are robust, performant, and easy to use. Occasionally I write about what I do in my blog. When away from the keyboard, I enjoy hiking, cycling and travelling. Plus, I am a licensed amateur radio operator. My callsign is BH1UNB. Check out my profile in the QRZ.com database.

What’s New

Our paper BackCam: Wireless Computer Vision Using Commodity Devices (authors: Colleen Josephson, Lei Yang, Pengyu Zhang, Sachin Katti) was published at IPSN 2019. We opensourced the hardware and the software as a platform for future research on practical Backscatter systems. Check it out!