Lei Yang

Ph.D. student in Computer Science



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Exploring Stata

I find the Ray and Maria Stata Center quite exciting to me. Besides the exterior, the inner space has much to explore. I’ll note down my findings as a newcomer here on this page.


My office is on G9, but sometimes I go to the kitchens of other floors for drinks. Here’s a list of kitchens that I have explored

Free Food

G9 free food calendar:


In the G-Tower (at least floor 8 and 9), the size of bathrooms is unbalanced. For instance, G9 has a very small men’s room and a large women’s room, and vice versa for G8. It should be easier to walk up or down the stairs to the next floor (there are two stairs in the G-Tower) than waiting.

Vending Machines

There are several vending machines in the basement. To find them, go down the stairs next to room 155 to B floor, and you’ll encounter a sign saying “Do not forget your MIT ID” (actually ID is not needed to return - there is no prox card lock). Behind the door on the left, there are three machines for icecream, soda and snacks. The door on the right leads to the tunnels and there are four machines for coffee, drinks and snacks. They all accept credit card, but no TechCash.

Connection to RLE

There is a connection to RLE (building 36) on the fourth floor. Just walk through the Faculty Dining and past the elevators. Through this you can access most buildings on the main campus without getting exposed to the elements, or detouring through the basement tunnels.