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MIT Tunnel System

MIT has an extensive tunnel system connecting most buildings in the main campus and some buildings near Kendall. You can walk from Kendall T all the way to building 7 without getting exposed to the elements, which comes pretty handy during summer and winter.

MIT Facilities published a map of the tunnel system. There are small signs and maps (posted by Getfit MIT, see the next section for details) at important intersections, making navigation a lot easier. Also, the tunnels are laid right under the buildings either east-west or north-south, so the compass in your smart phone can be very helpful..

I’m also thinking about building an app to navigate the tunnels, using accelerometer, WiFi fingerprint and compass. Hope I can find some time…

Alternate Maps

I came across another tunnel map on the website of an earlier CSAIL graduate student. It seems to be published by Facilities in 2004, but with richer details.

Getfit MIT installed signs and maps at important intersections in the tunnels, each one denoted by a letter. They also publish a map on their website and have a distance look-up table.