Peaks Krafft

Peaks Krafft

Dr. Krafft is a Senior Research Fellow at the OII in the University of Oxford's Social Science Division. Dr. Krafft's research centers around AI and computer science as communities of practice. Broadly, Dr. Krafft's projects fall along two lines: (1) working from inside data and computer science communities developing methods and technologies that bridge to disciplines in the humanities and social sciences, such as by translating concepts from those disciplines in terms familiar in computer science, and (2) working outside the AI and data science communities to make tools for broadening AI and data literacy, and to broaden access to AI and data science resources.

Dr. Krafft also co-directs the Critical Platform Studies Group (CritPlat), which is an international research collective that aims to interrogate and intervene on structures of power that are produced or reproduced by software. CritPlat conducts policy-facing ethnographic research on topics such as AI regulation, government use of information technologies, conceptions of AI, and funding relationships between academia and the tech industry.

Dr. Krafft is excited to collaborate with other researchers, with students of all levels, and with anyone else on any of these topics, and related mission-driven topics not listed!

Pronouns: They/them

I am also Peter Krafft, and Peter M. Krafft and Peter Martin Krafft. I am not Peter Kraft. Nor am I Peter Croft or Peter Craft. Or Peter Martin Kraft or Peter Martin Craft or Peter Martin Croft.