The following are some activist projects I am proud to have participated in, and which I am keen to amplify.

Critical Platform Studies Group. (2020). The A-Z of UAVs. Resistance AI Workshop @ NeurIPS.

Poster Version

Anti-Racist OII. (2020). Dismantling Systemic Racism at the Oxford Internet Institute (OII).

Open Letter

Movement for Anti-Oppressive Computing Practices. (2020). Open Letter: The MIT College of Computing Must Address Systemic Racism. Medium.

Sholei Croom, Franziska Putz, P. M. Krafft, Nathalie Fernandez. (2020). Big Tech Won’t Save Us: The Case for Social Transformation over Coronavirus Surveillance. Medium.

London Tech Workers Coalition. (2020). Tech Workers Unite: Your Workplace Rights, Joining a Union, Organising your Workplace, Direct Action.

P. M. Krafft. (2019). Casualization is an Accountability Problem. Medium.

Carl Governale, Jevan Hutson, P. M. Krafft, Zulkayda Mamat. (2019). China's Surveillance State is Made-In-the-USA: US Institutions Must Divest from Facial Recognition Research & Development. Medium.

Press Coverage

Critical Platform Studies Group (CritPlat), Lilly Irani, Niloufar Salehi, Joyojeet Pal, Andrés Monroy-Hernández, Elizabeth Churchill, Sneha Narayan. (2019). Patron or Poison? Industry Funding of HCI Research. The 22nd ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing Companion Publication (CSCW Companion).