Publications on Other Topics
  • Public-Key Cryptography in the Fine-Grained Setting, Rio LaVigne, Andrea Lincoln and V. Vassilevska Williams.

  • CRYPTO 2019

    [to come]

  • Deterministic Time-Space Tradeoffs for k-SUM, Andrea Lincoln, V. Vassilevska Williams, Josh R. Wang and Ryan Williams.

  • ICALP 2016


  • Simulating Branching Programs with Edit Distance and Friends or: A Polylog Shaved is a Lower Bound Made, Amir Abboud, Thomas D. Hansen, V. Vassilevska Williams and Ryan Williams.

  • STOC 2016


  • Tight Hardness Results for LCS and other Sequence Similarity Measures, Amir Abboud, Arturs Backurs, and V. Vassilevska Williams.

  • FOCS 2015


  • Consequences of faster sequence alignment, Amir Abboud, V. Vassilevska Williams, Oren Weimann.

  • ICALP 2014


  • A Two Player Game to Combat WebSpam, Michelle Goodstein, V. Vassilevska, Carnegie Mellon University Technical Report CMU-CS-07-134.

  • Tech Report [pdf]

  • Finding Nonoverlapping Dense Blocks of a Sparse Matrix, Ali Pinar, V. Vassilevska, the special issue of ETNA on Combinatorial Scientific Computing, 2005.
  • Electronic Transactions on Numerical Analysis [ETNA]