Who am I?

Photo of Me

I am currently a post-doc research fellow at Harvard University, working in the self-organizing systems research group lead by Radhika Nagpal. My research focuses on the design of robust and provably correct algorithms for large multi-robot swarms. When I am not designing algorithms, I run them on a swarm of a thousand robots (the kilobots).

Before coming to Harvard I received my PhD in computer science from MIT, where I had the pleasure of being advised by Nancy Lynch, head of the Theory of Distributed Systems group. In my PhD thesis I developed a theoretical framework for modeling multi-robot systems, and described local distributed algorithms to solve the problems of connectivity and localization under a variety of assumptions.

Before coming to MIT I worked on computer assisted neurosurgery for my bachelors thesis, designing infrared stereo localization hardware, as well as navigation and planning software. For my master thesis I worked on theory of distributed computing, specifically extending high-level iterated models with failure detectors.