Who am I?

Photo of Me

I am currently working in a tech startup developing the software and hardware to drive the future of human collaboration.

Before joining industry, my academic research focused on the design of robust and provably correct algorithms for large multi-robot swarms. When I am not designing algorithms, I like to run them on a swarm of a thousand robots), or develop software.

I received my PhD in computer science from MIT, where I had the pleasure of being advised by Nancy Lynch, head of the Theory of Distributed Systems group. In my PhD thesis I developed a theoretical framework for modeling multi-robot systems, and described local distributed algorithms to solve the problems of network connectivity and localization under a variety of assumptions.

After my PhD I had the privilege of being a research fellow at Harvard University, where I worked in the self-organizing systems research group lead by Radhika Nagpal.

Before starting my PhD I worked on computer assisted neurosurgery for my bachelors thesis, designing infrared stereo localization hardware, as well as navigation and planning software. My interest in distributed computing started with my master thesis work, where I studied how to extend the iterated snapshot models for distributed computing with failure detectors.