microRNAviewer Help

microRNAviewer presents a global view of homologous miRNA genes in many species.

microRNAviewer is a visual interactive tool exhibiting the large intra-species miRNA scope, or the "miRNA-ome".

microRNAviewer exhibits a comprehensive set of miRNA genes both from miRbase and candidate homologs identified using miRNAminer.

miRNAminer searches for candidates using BLAST and known miRNA properties, such as secondary structure, energy, alignment and conservation, (see miRNAminer for further details).

microRNAviewer table shows conservation of miRNA genes, grouped by name.

HINT: zoom out to see the full table, press Ctr- or Mac- .

Click on group name to see conservation for each miRNA and information such as alignment, mismatches, genomic location and orientation.

Point cursor on each colored box to see summary of miRNA origin information.

Symbols • indicate miRNAs registered in miRbase, other miRNAs have been newly identifier by miRNAminer.

Grey box indicates that the miRNA was not identified in this genome, under stringent parameters.

The colored legend indicates the conservation level of each grouped miRNA (with respect to the consensus sequence).

Within each miRNA group, multiple alignment is colored gray for aligned sequences, red for mismatches and blue for mature miRNA region.

microRNAviewer is developed by Adam Kiezun (Harvard) , Shay Artzi (IBM) , and Noam Shomron (Tel Aviv) .
Last update Nov 9, 2011