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I am a postdoc in Roger Levy's Computational Psycholinguistics Group at MIT BCS. I obtained a PhD in computer science from MIT EECS where I was a member of CSAIL, CBMM and InfoLab.

My research lies on the intersection of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Cognitive Science. I currently study how eye movement during reading can be used to infer reader characteristics and cognitive state, and improve NLP. Other related interests include multilingualism, linguistic typology, treebanking, and grounded language acquisition.

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December 2017: I completed my PhD at MIT EECS! (proof by cake)

Fall 2017: join CompLang, an open discussion group on language and computation at MIT!

ACL 2017 Paper: Predicting Native Language from Gaze

Interested in second language acquisition and syntax? Check out the Treebank of Learner English (TLE) - over 5,000 ESL sentences manually annotated with syntactic trees.