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I am an Assistant Professor at the Technion and a Research Affiliate at MIT BCS. I direct the Technion Language, Computation and Cognition (LaCC) lab.

I did my postdoc with Roger Levy at the CPL lab at MIT BCS, and a PhD in Computer Science at the Infolab at MIT CSAIL. Prior to that I completed a Masters degree in Computational Linguistics at the Universities of Saarland and Nancy, and a Bachelors degree in Cognitive Science and Amirim Honors program at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

My research lies on the intersection of Cognitive Science and Natural Language Processing (NLP). I study how humans acquire and process language by combining linguistic and cognitive theory, computational modeling, and behavioral and neuroimaging studies. I also examine how natural language processing in machines can be brough closer to human linguistic abilities by utilizing insights and data from human language processing.

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