Rodney Brooks - Roboticist

Frequently Asked Questions

These are paraphrased questions that I am frequently asked via email:


Will you take me as a PhD student, and will you provide funding?

At CSAIL all admitted students always get full funding provided they are making adequate progress towards their degree. Unlike many other places however we have admission systems centralized by department, not by professor. No individual professor has any input or control over who is admitted to any department. You must go through the admission process if you wish to be admitted. See: for links to instructions on how to apply to all the academic departments connected with CSAIL.


I am a student at another insitution but I want to come and do an internship in your laboratory. Can I?

Sorry, no. Our labs are set up to serve MIT students getting their degrees here. If you want to be part of MIT please apply to be a student here. See above.


Can you tell me more about your robots?

I have written down everything I know and it is available on my publications page, or in one of my books.


I have discovered the secret to building intelligent robots. If you promise to keep it secret and share half the profits with me I will tell you how to do it. Will you send me money now?