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S.B. Theses and Advanced Undergraduate Projects:

  1. David H. Covert, Graphic Objects That Draw Themselves, May 1983.

  2. Csaba Peter Gabor, A Comparison of VLSI Designs for Complex Multiplication, January 1984.

  3. David J. Jilk, Methodology for User-Aided Silicon Compilation, January 1985.

  4. Alexander T. Ishii, A Comparison of Routing Algorithms for Fat-Tree Supercomputers, May 1985.

  5. Bruce M. Maggs, Computing Minimum Spanning Trees on a Fat-Tree Architecture, May 1985.

  6. Marie J. Sullivan, Parallel Graph Algorithms on the Connection Machine, February 1987.

  7. Vu Le Phan, Massively Parallel Solutions to the Sparse Assignment Problem, May 1991.

  8. Michele L. Monclova, An Experimental Comparison of Red-Black Trees and Skip Lists, May 1991.

  9. David B. Wilson, Embedding Weak Hypercubes in Strong Hypercubes, May 1991. (Winner of the William Martin Prize for best undergraduate computer science thesis at MIT.)

  10. Keith Randall, TIM: A CAD Tool for Designing Two-Phase Level-Clocked Circuitry, May 1993.

  11. Daniel Schmidt, An Empirical Comparison of Four Heap Data Structures, August 1994.

  12. Tzu-Yi Chen, Efficient Implementation of Out-of-Core Conjugate Gradient Algorithms, May 1995. (Honorable Mention in the Computer Research Association's Outstanding Undergraduates Competition.)

  13. Arup R. Guha, Implementation of Band Cholesky Factorization in Cilk, May 1997.

  14. Runako Godfrey, , January 1998.

  15. Adrian Soviani, $5\times 5$ Magic Squares in Cilk, May 1999.

  16. Svetoslav Tzvetkov, Parallel Memory Allocation, May 1999.

  17. David Venturini, Chess Endgame Database Compression, May 1999.

  18. John Danaher, A Real-Time Distributed Score-Keeping System, May 2004.

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