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S.M. Theses:

  1. Martin I. Eiger, Analysis of Algorithms to Compute Wirings Within Test Fixtures, June 1985.

  2. Cynthia A. Phillips, Space-Efficient Algorithms for Computational Geometry, August 1985.

  3. F. Miller Maley, Compaction with Automatic Jog Introduction, May 1986.

  4. Thomas H. Cormen, Concentrator Switches for Routing Messages in Parallel Computers, August 1986.

  5. Bruce M. Maggs, Communication-Efficient Parallel Graph Algorithms, August 1986.

  6. Alexander T. Ishii, A Digital Model for Level-Clocked Circuitry, January 1989.

  7. James A. Park, Notes on Searching in Multidimensional Monotone Arrays, January 1989.

  8. Jeffrey A. Fried, VLSI Processor Design for Communication Networks, January 1989.

  9. Marios C. Papaefthymiou, On Retiming Synchronous Circuitry and Mixed-Integer Optimization, August 1990.

  10. Michael Ernst, Serializing Parallel Programs by Removing Redundant Computation, August 1992.

  11. Daniel Tunkelang, An Aesthetic Layout Algorithm for Undirected Graphs, August 1992.

  12. Robert D. Blumofe, Efficient Storage Management of Multithreaded Computations, September 1992.

  13. Keith Randall, Virtual Networks: Implementation and Analysis, May 1993.

  14. Matteo Frigo, The Weakest Reasonable Memory Model, January 1998.

  15. Bin Song, Scheduling Adaptively Parallel Jobs, January 1998.

  16. Harald Prokop, Cache-Oblivious Algorithms, May 1999.

  17. Sridhar Ramachandran, An Algorithmic Theory of Caching, February 2000.

  18. Jeremy Fineman, Provably Good Raced Detection That Runs in Parallel, August 2005.

  19. I-Ting Angelina Lee, The JCilk Multithreaded Language, August 2005.

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