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M.Eng. Theses:

  1. Robert C. Miller, A Type-checking Preprocessor for Cilk 2, a Multithreaded C Language, May 1995.

  2. Howard J. Lu, Heterogeneous Multithreaded Computing, May 1995.

  3. Daricha Techopitayakul, Dynamic Parallel Tables, May 1995.

  4. Philip Lisiecki, Macroscheduling in the Cilk Network of Workstations Environment, May 1996.

  5. Andrew F. Stark, Debugging Multithreaded Programs that Incorporate User-Level Locking, May 1998. (Winner of the William Martin Prize for best computer science M.Eng. thesis at MIT.)

  6. Guang-Ien Cheng, Algorithms for Data-Race Detection in Multithreaded Programs, May 1998.

  7. Nathaniel A. Kushman, Identifying and Fixing Processor Performance Monotonicity Problems: A Case Study of the SUN UltraSPARC, May 1998.

  8. Igor B. Lyubashevskiy, Portable Fault-Tolerant File I/O, May 1998.

  9. Ching Law, A New Competitive Analysis of Randomized Caching, May 1999.

  10. Jeremy Sawicki, Using Cilk for Parallel Computation in MATLAB, May 1999.

  11. David B. Berman, Efficient Parallel Binary Decision Diagram Construction Using Cilk, May 2000.

  12. Matthew S. DeBergalis, A Parallel File I/O API for Cilk, May 2000.

  13. Kai Huang, Data-Race Detection in Transactions-Everywhere Parallel Programming, May 2003.

  14. Siddhartha Sen, Dynamic Processor Allocation for Adaptively Parallel Jobs, August 2004.

  15. Jim Sukha, Memory-Mapped Transactions, May 2005.

  16. John S. Danaher, The JCilk-1 Runtime System, May 2005.

  17. Tim Olsen, LexTix: A Multimedia Lecture-Viewer, May 2005.

  18. Tushara Karunaratna, Parallel Race Detection, August 2005.

  19. Jelani Nelson, External-Memory Search Trees with Fast Insertions, May 2006.

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