Chong-U Lim

I recently completed my Ph.D. in Computer Science at MIT and CSAIL. My supervisor was Prof. Fox Harrell and I worked at the Imagination, Computation and Expression Lab. For my research, I developed analytical tools and computational approaches to model identities and social experiences of users in both videogames and social media. These approaches make use of artificial intelligence (AI) techniques and a cross-disciplinary framework of cognitive science and social science research; they automatically identify, reveal, and quantitatively represent patterns of behaviors of users. My research stretches across the following:

  • Analytical AI and Machine Learning Tools
  • Player Social Identity Modeling
  • Novel Design and Content Generation for Games

Selected Research Projects

The Avatar Project Logo

Tools and approaches for developing player models using their avatars with AI clustering and machine learning.

PuzzleScript-AI Logo


Automated design evaluation and generation using a game description language and evolutionary algorithms.

AIRsteam Logo

Steam Player Preference Analyzer

Combining Steam profiles, in-game telemetry data, and virtual items to model status in Team Fortress 2.

More projects


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