Well, my goodness, I have a web page in which to publish my work & play, nifty! (let ((x ''```(,,,a ,,a ,a)) (a 'b) (b 'c) (c 'list)) (while (setq x (eval x)) (pp x)))

I visited Hackers Farm on the occasion of the International Lisp Conference 2007, strolled downstairs to attend ILC 2009, missed Reno (missed Renovation too) and went by air, sea & land to ILC 2012. I was at the National Day of Mourning.

	 \ /	Health Care
	  X 	not warfare
	 / \
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         US deaths 2003-2009
  18,000 Iraq invasion & occupation
108,000 health “insurance” denied

«Freedom of the PressMarket is limited to those who own one» — MenckenMe

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