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This Year: WWW 2007

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A Bit of History: WWW 2001 - 2006 Papers
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The official data is here for 2007 and here for 2001 - 2006.

These web pages have been built using the Exhibit framework. Read our paper on Exhibit here.

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What's the Big Deal?

These web pages are built without any database at the back, and with zero server-side scripting. The data is stored in JSON files and loaded into a Javascript-based database inside your browser where it is queried off to build the faceted browsing UI.

You can copy the data off those web pages using the Copy All buttons. Or you can download the individual data files here. You can also download the ENTIRE web application as a zip file, and it still works locally with absolute ZERO setup on your part. When was the last time you could "steal" someone else's web application wholesale, data and presentation code all included?!

So, small data sets are a big deal
if we make them
usefully browsable, readily RE-usable, and so easy to publish.