Daniel S. Myers
Graduate Student at MIT CSAIL
Database Group

Email: dsm@csail.mit.edu
Phone: 617-686-7112
Address: 32-G908, 32 Vassar St, Cambridge, MA 02139

Currently on leave at Google Seattle, doing secret NDA'd things.

Research Interests

My research interests are in databases and distributed systems, although I used to work in bioinformatics. Currently, I'm working on building high-performance relational databases that use solid-state NAND flash disks for storage (with Sam Madden and Barbara Liskov). Previously at MIT, I've worked on the HQ Byzantine Fault Tolerance protocol, the C-Store column-oriented database, and the MapJAX system for AJAX web application development.

Curriculum Vitae

Available as a PDF.

Recent Publications

A full publication list is available in my CV.

Friends and Colleagues