edmond lau

People I know (and who also have websites)

Akshay Patil - googler, cryptographer, writer
Annie Ding - unparalleled in her creativity and design skills
Calvin On - the nice guy
Chen Xiao - my college sweetheart
Dan Swanton - philosopher studying CS, doesn't eat his veggies
Daniel Peng - known for his P2P filesharing network at Princeton
Ellis Lau - my brother
Emily Yan - mews, likes to scribble cats on your notebook
Harr Chen - well-traveled prodigy and PhD student
Jessica Lau - my sister
Johanna Salazar-Lazaro - mooing cat friend in Baton Rouge, LA
Philip Guo - expert photographer, hacker, and future all-star professor
Vincent Yeung - child prodigy

Fun Reads

MIT Lock Picking Guide
MIT Jargon
Professor Daniel Jackson's commentary on drinking from a firehose

Programming Guides

Programming Ruby: The Pragmatic Programmer's Guide - perhaps the best Ruby guide

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