Last updated May 2007
(This is my website from my undergraduate years at MIT. I'm now a PhD student at Cornell University, and my current site can be found here :)

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Elizabeth Murnane

I am a senior at MIT majoring in Mathematics with Computer Science. My interests lie in the fields of human-computer interaction, user interface design, artificial intelligence, and software engineering. My career objective is to do research work in these areas in order to create smarter interfaces that are more adaptive and versatile and that can use information more effectively.

I currently work in MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) with the Spoken Language Systems Group (SLS) and with the Haystack Project. My research work with SLS involves improving a web based conversational interface that functions as a city guide. For Haystack, I extend the capabilities and effectiveness of a plug-in for Eclipse, called Relo, that helps users explore, understand, and manage information better.

In my free time I volunteer with MIT's CommuniTech Program and play on an A-League intramural volleyball team. I also enjoy playing the piano, computer and video games, and chess. Click here to play my antichess program created with Huy Nguyen and Risa Kawai.

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