6.A44 Computational Photography

Frédo Durand
Electrical Engineeering and Computer Science
Monday 3:00 - 5:00 PM in 32-D507

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In this seminar, we will explore hardware, software and fun aspects of traditional and digital photography. Topics will include image taking, picture creation, optics, sensors, image processing, human vision, advanced lighting and printing techniques, and image editing. We will brainstorm about the future of photography and will study recent research developments in the areas of computational techniques for photography. The seminar will be informal and the exact syllabus will depend on the student’s interests. Prior knowledge of photography or programming is not required, but it would be good for students to have a digital camera (we can work around this if necessary). Assignments will include oral presentation, photography, a write up, hacking with simple digital image processing, and experimentation with photo editing.

Frédo Durand is an Assistant Professor in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. He received his PhD from Grenoble University, France, and has kept the corresponding accent. His area of research is computer graphics and computational photography, with an interdisciplinary approach that involves algorithms, math, physics, perception, and the visual arts. He likes to play with cameras, big and small ones, and enjoys portraits and wildlife photography. Additional hobbies include French cooking and baking, but there is no guarantee that this will have an effect on the seminar.


Intro (pdf, ppt)

Camera basics (pdf, ppt)

Depth of field (pdf, ppt)

Contrast (pdf)

Color (pdf)

Lenses (pdf)