Computer Depiction and Non-Photorealistic Rendering

MIT CSAIL Computer Graphics Group


One of our long-term goals is the study, broadening, and capture of pictorial style for computer depiction. A broader variety of
styles is important because some styles are better at conveying various types of information or mood.
In addition, separating style and content allows for higher-level picture manipulation. We also believe that capturing the style of skilled artists can allow unskilled users to recombine elements of a well-refined depiction craft with their content, thereby producing more compelling pictures.


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(The software is available online)
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The Art and Science of Depiction
Frédo Durand
Unpublished manuscript, 2000.
French version

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The Art and Science of Depiction (Spring 2001)

This class explores perceptual and technical aspect of pictures, and more precisely the depiction of reality on a 2D medium. The focus is on an in-breadth multidisciplinary approach. Here are the slides of a talk I gave at the University College of London to outline the class. And here is a more recent version given at Stanford (1 slide per page or 6 slides per page)


Perceptual and Artistic Principles for Effective Computer Depiction

SIGGRAPH 2002 Course, together with Maneesh Agrawala, Bruce Gooch, Victoria Interrante, Victor Ostromoukhov and Denis Zorin.