Chuang Gan;

Chuang Gan

I am a researcher studying multi-modality learning from videos, advised by Prof. Antonio Torralba and Prof. Josh Tenenbaum at MIT and MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab. Before that, I completed my PhD with the highest honor at Tsinghua University in 2017, where I was supervised by Prof. Andrew Chi-Chih Yao. My PhD work was supported by Microsoft Fellowship and Baidu Fellowship.

During my PhD, I was fortunate enough to work with:


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Email: ganchuang [at] csail (dot) mit (dot) edu


• 09/05/2018: Two papers are accepted by NeurIPS 2018

• 07/03/2018: Two papers are accepted by ECCV 2018.

• 06/14/2018: Our team ranks 1st in AVA sub task on ActivityNET 2018 challenge.

• 03/02/2018: Four papers are accepted by CVPR 2018.

Publications(by date / by topic)


• Rank 1st in ActivityNet AVA Challenge 2018

• Rank 1st in ActivityNet Kinetics Challenge 2017

• Rank 1st in NIST TRECVID MED and MER 2014

• Rank 2nd in Moments in Time 2018

• Rank 3rd in Youtube8M Challenge 2017

• Rank 3rd in ActivityNet classification Challenge 2016

Data & Software

WSDEC. Weakly-supervised Dense Event Captioning.

The Sound of Pixels. Listen to the sound of pixels.

Smart Contours. Edit images using contours.

Attention Clusters. Multiple and diverse attention for video classification.

SCN. Semantic composition network for image and video captioning.

VQS. Visual question segmentation.

TVNET. End to end video motion learning.

Youtube8M. Temporal modeling for video classification.


Video Understanding: From Tags to Language.

Stanford University, MSR, AI2, NEC, NVDIA, Baidu, MERL, IBM, UCF (2017)


• Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Award at Tsinghua University (2018)

• Excellent Graduate Student at Tsinghua University (2018)

• Top Talented Graduate Student at Tsinghua University (2017)

• Academic Rising Star Finalist at Tsinghua University (2016, 2017)

• Microsoft Fellowship (2016)

• Baidu Fellowship (2016)

• National Scholarship, by Ministry of Education of China (2015)

• Outstanding Undergraduate Thesis at Beihang University (2013)

• Excellent Undergraduate Student at Beihang University (2013)