Newbie surveying the multitudes of Programming Langs...

Hi there!

I'm rather new to the world of programming, I've donge a bit of
x/HTML, Javascript, and most recently Python and I've been considering
trying to find a really good compiled language.  Python seems to be
great for what it's supposed to do.  It's easy to learn as well as
easy to write.  But it's potential Speed is quite limited.  I'm
looking at playing around with AI as well as a couple of interactive
picture book thingamabob-like programs and I was wondering how any of
you see Dylan as applied to these subjects and why I just shouldn't
use what everyone else uses: C++?

In looking at Dylan, I see a lot of cool possibilities, but it does do
a few things Very differently.  ie. the way that different variables
referencing equal values will change each other's values when changed.
I know that there are ways around this and even thinking of "working
around" things like this is really just a misperception of the basics
of Dylan.  

Are there any books or texts any of you would reccommend?  

Also, How in the world does one pronounce Dylan? 




Thanks a bunch