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Re: book

Editing a book is an idea. Are we in a good position to do so? 

The good thing is that Greg got a dialogue started among the LL
communities. That's good.  I think we should continue and at some point a
book may just be the right medium for summarizing the state of the
dialogue. Perhaps for the next time, we could challenge the participants to
focus on a specific level: pragmatics, implementation, etc. This time we
heard from PLT Scheme and SmallScript on how to get certain things *done*
with these languages and from Perl on how to implement things. I found this
quite a reversal of what I usually see. I am suggesting that next time we
try to compare apples with apples, oragnes with oranges. Then we take a
look and write it all up. 

I am willing to host the next session if there is an interest. 

-- Matthias