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Quite interesting, lots of great lisp features, it looks like a cross
between scheme and dylan syntax with gratuitous replacement of ()'s with
{}'s, to appease the C/Java programmers I guess.

However, the pricing structure (developer/content provider pays per KB of
code run on the clients end, definitely a new way to discourage code bloat
...) and the web centric (web only ?) closed nature of the system is
probably the kiss of death from a developer uptake standpoint, especially
given flash is already out there with artist friendly tools. I think there
is a lot to be said for Paul Grahams server side approach if it can possibly
be used as it far easier to develop and maintain across platforms. Anyhow
this is getting away from language design so I should stop now.


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> what do you think ?

Check out Curl (http://www.curl.com).  It has:

* an emacs-like editor (and an emacs mode, if you prefer the real
* a REPL
* runs from a command prompt or in a browser
* readable syntax (infix, punctuation, minimal parens, no semicolons)
* Scheme heritage (closures, macros, optional dynamic types)

You mentioned 3D.  Curl has incredible support for 2D and 3D graphics
(I'm a biased party, however).  In addition to all of the libraries and
bindings you'd expect for GL and basic image loading/rendering, there

* union, subtract, intersection, etc primitives for 2D regions
* high performance image processing support libraries
* built-in 3D and 2D vector types, transformation matrices
* unit checking (e.g. meters vs. seconds) for scalars, 2D and 3D


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