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[NOISE] Curly braces [was Re: Curl]

"Christopher Barber" <cbarber@curl.com> writes:

> [Curl's use of curly braces] is not gratuitous.  Curly braces were
> choosen over parens because they do not occur normally in most
> written text.  This makes it a better syntax for embedding code
> within text without requiring annoying escapes.  However, I will
> admit that consideration of what Java, VB and C++ programmers will
> think has had a role in many aspects of the language design.

I think we all agree that curly braces are far more perspicuous than
parenthesis ever will be.  The only improvement I might suggest would
be SGML.  Perhaps 

    <delimiter style="curly brace" orientation="left" balanced="yes">
        .... your code here....
    <delimiter style="curly brace" orientation="right" balanced="yes">