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Re: [NOISE] Curly braces [was Re: Curl]

> Personally, I'd like to see a lisp that has some (optional) notion of
> an end tag e.g.
> (if (< a b)
> 	(display "less")
> 	(display "more")
> @end-if)

The poor man's version is of course:

{if (< a b)
 	(display "less")
 	(display "more")
} ; if

But that isn't as good for having the parser check it, and it seems to
offend Schemers (which is a good enough reason for doing it in its own

I had a lot of success using a Scheme variant which did basically what
you suggested as a teaching language.  Students had a better time
lining up their parens and keeping track of what nesting level they
were exiting.


Morgan McGuire  

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