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Re: Hygienic Macros (was [NOISE] Curly braces [was Re: Curl])

Tim Hickey [mailto:tim@cs.brandeis.edu] wrote:
> Since I don't use hygenic macros myself, I'm not
> sure if this kind of translation is easy to do or not.
> Using "dangerous macros" (that can arbitrarily rearrange
> and evaluate their arguments at runtime) this is
> easy to do.

Speaking of macros, does anyone here know of work on terminating
hygienic macro systems? Scheme's macro pattern language is 
Turing-complete, and I'd be interested in seeing if there's
any work on something less powerful than syntax-rules -- 
that full power seems not to be used in practice in the Scheme 
code I've looked at.

Neel Krishnaswami