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Book again, was Dylan (was: ARC)

At 03:54 PM 12/2/2001, Oliver Steele wrote:
>Better, I think, is to make use of libraries written in other languages.
>.NET/Mono is a path to this; Minotaur and the various Python/Java
>interoperability libraries (which support cross-language calls, exceptions,
>and subclassing --- as David Moon planned to eventually do for the Apple
>Cambridge languages and implementations and C++) are some language-specific
>success stories.

Your post had some great ideas.   
I want to relate it back to the discussion about a book.
Using another languages libraries is like capturing your enemy's supply wagons.
JScheme is a scheme dialect, i use every day, with transparent access to Java.
So, it takes a page of code or so to interface to things like applets, servlets, database, and mail.

So, if you're interested in a book about the ideas behind light weight languages, why not base the implementations on Java so you have a way of exposing Java programmers to your ideas.  

What's missing from EOPL2 and LiSP is a portable implementation a latent language designer can explore.