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Re: Diversity - existence, value, and pursuit.

On Mon, Dec 03, 2001 at 03:55:57PM -0500, Guillaume Marceau wrote:
> I'm my circle of friends, in an interesting abuse of url notation, we
> would write : google://dynamo

I use Konqueror, where that actually works. :) And it's not the
first hit, it's a couple down the page:

This looks *very* interesting. Get the feeling it's a little far down
the line, though. Maybe next year. The fragmented binary image idea is
something I wanted to put into Parrot, but I didn't know quite how to

> Some of Java's sementics were originaly though to be optimizable, but it
> turned out they weren't. They are : stack allocatable objects, array
> bound checks and dynamic method call lookup.

This is turning into a major bummer for dynamic language optimization.
I'm surprised (he says, looking around) there's no successful work on this.

"The bad reputation UNIX has gotten is totally undeserved, laid on by people
 who don't understand, who have not gotten in there and tried anything."
-- Jim Joyce, former computer science lecturer at the University of California