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Re: Var-free programming (slightly off-topic)

Dan Moniz wrote:
> ...
> I suspect the Python/Jython (nee Jpython) people would cite a similar
> experience. I find it interesting to note that many languages implemented
> for the JVM start out as lightweight languages that seem focused around
> making Java easier to work with in a dynamic, interactive fashion, and then
> later, perhaps morph into full language implementations. Skij, and other
> "JVM Schemes", like Kawa and Silk come to mind, as well as Jython.

I believe JYthon was always intended to be a full implementation of
Python. It wasn't a way of making the JVM usable, it was a way of making
Python run on the JVM.

> ... Similarly, Python is only now getting generators
> ("continuations lite") and what not, and there's a grand Python rewrite in
> it's future as well (Python 3000).

No, Python is not scheduled for a rewrite. Please get the word out!
Python 3000 was officially cancelled in favor of an incremental strategy
which is nevertheless producing the same radical changes slated for
Python 3000. Python 2.2 erases the type/class dichotomy and takes a few
steps towards erasing the int/long dichotomy and eventually even the
int/float dichotomy. As you can see, Python is getting more and more
lightweight all the time. ;)

 Paul Prescod