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Scsh startup time

   I'm referring strictly to the latter: the time it takes for the
   program to begin execution.  Scsh [Olin's great Scheme shell] takes 30
   seconds to start up.  Not an LL.

Ack ack ack! It does *not* take 30 seconds to start up. It has been *years*
since we fixed this.

I don't run a modern Ghz machine. I run exclusively on a two-year-old 300Mhz
notebook. And my /etc scripts and dump/backup scripts and popup-a-window-on-
a-remote-machine scripts are all written in scsh. The single most common
program I use from the shell is "l"; here is its defn:
    #!/usr/local/bin/scsh -s

    (let ((flag (if (equal? (getenv "OS") "FreeBSD")
		    "-CLF"  ; Give me a break
      (exec-epf (ls ,flag . ,command-line-arguments)))

    ;;; Just "ls -CF *". We do it in scsh rather than sh so that if the
    ;;; filenames have spaces or other cruft in them, we still win.

Trust me; I don't sit around tapping my fingers every time I want a quick
directory listing.

Y'all got to help me kill this obsolete but persistent rumour that scsh
is slow to start up. Or that it is anything but open source -- we fixed
that one several years back, too, when Kelsey freed the S48 sources from

So if you have a chance to put a stake through the hear of the
 scsh-is-slow-to-start thing, please do.