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Re: lightweight languages

      Scheme (and not just Scheme, of course) lets you do CPS
      perspicuously.  That does not mean you have to do it,

   You're presenting this from the point of view of a writer of code,
   whereas I am taking the point of view of a reader of code.  If Scheme
   programmers typically make heavy use of CPS and call/cc stuff, perhaps
   because that's how they were taught to program, then as a reader I
   don't have the choice you're talking about.

Yeah, but we *don't* use CPS & call/cc for your average, everyday code.
I'm a fairly experienced Scheme programmer, and when *I* run into CPS or
call/cc, I assure I have to drop into low gear.

Writing Scheme doesn't imply using call/cc! I like a language that makes
the easy things simple, and the hard things possible. Call/cc is one of the
tools that makes the hard things possible. You don't invoke it to reverse
a list or glob a file name.