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Re: Java

You're confusing an operating system concept with a programming
language feature.

--- Vladimir

Vladimir G. Ivanovic                        http://leonora.org/~vladimir
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"GS" == Guy Steele <- Sun Microsystems Labs <gls@labean.East.Sun.COM>> writes:

  GS>    From: Vladimir G Ivanovic <vladimir@acm.org>
  GS>    "PP" == Paul Prescod <paul@prescod.net> writes:
  PP> [2] Why doesn't it have a concept of "current directory". 
  GS>    What would the current directory be on a device with (effectively) no
  GS>    user-writable storage, say, a cellphone or a set-top box?
  GS> "/dev", and maybe the only file there is "null".