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Re: Java memory model

Fair enough. (And thanks for the JMM archive pointer.)

--- Vladimir

P.S. The first sentence of the most recent posting (from Bill Pugh):

        OK, well not quite. That was just to get your attention.


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"SR" == Steven Richman <richman@lcs.mit.edu> writes:

  >> From: Vladimir G Ivanovic
  >> Sent: Friday, December 07, 2001 5:51 PM
  >> Would anyone care to speculate on why it's taking so long to fix the
  >> Java memory model? The problem has been known since at least June 1999,
  >> but JSR-133 gives this timetable:
  SR> ...
  >> I can understand that (a) the problem is hard and (b) it's important to
  >> get it right, but I'm still left with the feeling that progress has
  >> slow. What seems to be the holdup?

  SR> I think "the problem is hard" is the crux of it. It's a lot of
  SR> work to find out what's wrong with the current model, and then to
  SR> collect consensus from compiler/VM implementers, architects, and
  SR> programmers on what they want/need, and then to propose a correct
  SR> solution. Plus, this effort has been spearheaded mostly by a
  SR> single man.

  SR> You should check out the archives of the JMM mailist list:
  SR> http://www.cs.umd.edu/~pugh/java/memoryModel/archive/ The first post is on
  SR> June 24, 1999, and the most recent, from November 27, 2001, is titled "The
  SR> Memory Model is _done_." There has definitely been a lot of work done over
  SR> the last 2.5 years; I don't ascribe the delay to people sitting on their
  SR> heels or to JCP red tape.

  SR> ,steven.