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Re: lightweight languages

>If you don't already know about it, you might be interested in looking
>at a programming language called "APL", which stands for A Programing
>Language, invented by Kenneth Iverson (of IBM, I think) in the 1960's
>(I think).  It has fallen out of prominence, although I have no doubt
>that there is some remnant still actively using some form of it

IBM must still think it is relatively important. I did a port of an APL interpreter for the BeOS operating system:


I received an email from IBM's lawyers stating I was infringing on their trademark of APL and their customers might mistake my port for the 'real IBM APL' product. I was asked to take the page down.

So I guess they at least think APL to be important.

You might also want to look at the language 'J', another APL variant but using the ASCII character set: