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Re: Java

--- Tony Kimball <alk@pobox.com> wrote:
> Quoth Jeremy Hylton on Friday, 7 December:
> : 
> : Has anyone ever made a successful business of selling a language?
> : 

There are lots of technologies *around* a language to sell.  Obviously
IDE's, compilers, etc, but thing about all of the web technologies...
everybody and his brother has their own language.

Microsoft's JScript and VB Script, JavaScript, ASP, JSP, Cold Fusion,
Macromedia's Lingo, etc.

They aren't selling languages per-se, but are using their own languages
to keep competitor's products incompatible.  There are also little
languages buried everywhere.  Microsoft, OpenGL, ATI, nVidia are
fighting it out over low-level graphics card programming languages
called Vertex & Pixel shaders.  Most installer programs use simple
scripting languages.  Web apps use the GGI query as a place to insert
programming language-like constructs.  


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