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Re: this list

Were you at LL1?  That feeling of a revolution in progress
was palpable there.  I've been encouraging Greg to make sure
there is an LL2, possibly in 6 mos rather than a year.  If
anyone else feels this way, let him know (gregs@ai.mit.edu).

--- Michael Vanier <mvanier@bbb.caltech.edu> wrote:
> Wow, this is the most interesting mailing list I've ever been on! 
> It's
> like every interesting comment from every computer language newsgroup
> I've
> ever read rolled into one, and then squared.  I feel like I'm in the
> middle
> of a revolution in progress.  Any mailing list where people can post
> dozens
> of messages thrashing out what continuations are and what they're
> good for
> is _too_ _cool_.
> Yes, next time I'll break the prozac in half :-)
> Mike

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