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Re: Ada and Ariane 5 failure (Was: What design is: 911 vs. Fleetwood)

"KS" == Kragen Sitaker <kragen@pobox.com> writes:

  KS> One of Ada's hidden gotchas, triggered by a bug which would have had
  KS> no effect whatsoever in any other language I'm familiar with, in
  KS> combination with a constellation of other mistakes, destroyed the
  KS> first Ariane 5 rocket launched, at a cost of half a billion dollars.

My reading of the "Ariane 5 Failure Report" does not implicate Ada. I'm
inclined to conclude exactly the opposite of what you did, namely that
the bug would have had a similar effect in any of a number of other

Please explain why you think Ada is a culprit here.

--- Vladimir

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