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RE: Java

>    And C++ has unwind-protect!:
> I always hated that you had to make these little phony classes every
> time you wanted an unwind-protect.  The scope of the unwind-protect
> was effectively denoted by the curly-braces that enclosed the instance
> of the little class, but it was not prima facie obvious that those
> curlies were unwind-protect boundaries.

I actually think this is one of C++'s nicer idioms.  It can be annoying
having to create the cleanup class, but it turns out there are a small
number of common reusable cases (.e.g, unlocking mutexes, closing files,
freeing pointers).  It is also nice that you do not have to create a new
scope in order to define additional cleanup objects, which would otherwise
make your code harder to read.

- Christopher