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Re: Microsoft

At 05:17 PM 12/20/01, Dan Weinreb wrote:
>    Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2001 17:05:18 -0500
>    From: Scott McKay <swm@hotdispatch.com>
>                         If they use poorer languages and tools, then
>    they can use them in their armament of excuses for why they ship
>    relatively crummy software whose quality improves only slowly.
>So have you ever seen a statement from Microsoft saying anything like this?

Not in public.  But I'll bet you a beer that project scheduling meetings
all dance around productivity issues.

And I didn't say that it *is* a conspiracy.  I intimated that if you feel like
making it sound like a conspiracy, there's plenty of material.  For the
record, the only conspiracy I believe in, is the vast right-wing one.  ;-)

I'm shutting up, I just sent that message as silly fluff.