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RE: what is the problem?

There's also a copy of my paper at
http://www.research.microsoft.com/~drh/pubs/blockstructure.pdf (794KB).
dave hanson

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Thanks for the mention.  Google shows me a citation included in
discussion on comp.lang.python from way back.  My colleague Tim Peters

    One of the first good papers to seriously question the value of
    classical nested scopes is Dave Hanson's "Is Block Structure
    Necessary?"  (Software Practice & Experience, Vol 11, pp 853-866,
    1981).  He argues that CSNS creates at least as many problems as
    it solves, that simple non-nested modules solve the same problems
    without CSNS's drawbacks, and illustrates with non-trivial
    programs written idiomatically in both styles.

It looks like a copy of the paper is also available online: